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Sera-Lys McArthur is a screen and stage actor, producer and model with deep Native American roots. Sera-Lys is a proud member of the Nakota/Assiniboine Nation and was raised by her German-Canadian single mother in southern Saskatchewan. Despite being raised in a remote area, she managed to become a working actor at age 13. At 18, she moved to New York City to study musical theatre. Sera-Lys earned an MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School, the University of Essex, UK. 

Sera-Lys will next be seen starring on the series “Burden of Truth” premiering May 21, 2020. Her character ‘Kodie Chartrand’ is brought in as a new recurring role introduced this season. ‘Kodie’ is the childhood best friend of the lead character, ‘Joanna Chang,’ played by Kirstin Kreuk. 

Sera-Lys has experienced success on both sides of the border, gaining Canadian household recognition with series recurring roles on “Arctic Air” and “Hard Rock Medical.” She recently had an unforgettable guest appearance on the hit Starz series “Outlander,” as Mohawk healer ‘Johiehon’ on episode 412 "Providence." She also appeared alongside Cobie Smulders on episode 203 of Netflix's “Friends From College.” She is the female lead in “Robbery,” an independent feature film, and a key supporting role in the novel-to-film adaptation of “Monkey Beach.”

Coming up next as an emerging producer, Sera-Lys has multiple feature length projects in development, and several finished short films already under her belt, including: “Pharmalarm” (producer & lead actor), “Magic Madeleines” and “The Wolf of Waubamik Woods” (co-producer and actor). 

Outside of acting and producing, Sera-Lys spends her time teaching online ESL to children overseas, developing a palate for international cuisine, hanging out in the park with her canine sidekick, and attending tons of theatre productions.

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